Where is the snow?

I got an email from my friend Yanick friday telling me my snowboard and bindings shipped. Good news. And yesterday, I went to pick up my winter tires for my car. Good news too, particularly for those who don't believe in my winter driving abilities.

Now, what's missing? The snow of course. It's nowhere to be seen in eastern Canada. Resorts did start making snow but then it got hot, it rained, most of what they had melted. But now, it's getting colder again and below are a few helicopter shots from Bromont. Not much snow I know but if temperatures stay low, there is hope.

Since we are a bunch waiting for Bromont to open for the season, you can now be in the know. At the top of the right column of this page, you can see the current temperature, how many runs are open (currently 0), how much snow fell in the last 24 hours (again, 0) and all this, right here! This feature will stay all winter long so you'll be able to prepare the right wax, when to call in sick and know when not to expect new posts just by visiting the Dan Gerous official blogspot. Be sure to bookmark it and visit it daily...

Ridable... but still on mountain bikes.

Just enough to make a few turns in the Brome but be ready to do massive ollies over rocks and grass patches.

The bottom is a sad sight.

On the other hand, Jay Peak, not too far away, are shooting like crazy as we speak.

Now I understand why the runs are always crappy/icy and the woods are heavenly at Jay Peak.

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