Forum's That

Forum appeared on the snowboard scene ten years ago and immediatly had a huge impact on the snowboard world with it's impressive team. Peter Line did a great job of creating the team of all team with incedible riders such as JP Walker, Devun Walsh, Jeremy Jones, Joni Malmi, Bjorn Leines and others.

Fast forward 10 years. The team has changed and lost some big guns but Peter, JP, Devun and Joni are still there and they added such greats as Lauri Heiskari, Eddie Wall, Pat Moore and even more talents. The team is still an impressive one and arguably the best in the industry.

Forum hasn't produced a movie for a long time now but That will change That. How long will That be available for online watching, I'm not sure about That but watch That now, while you have That chance. Take off That ghetto-wannabe look off Travis Kennedy and you probably have the best snowboard movie of the year. That's right! Great riding, nice filming and pretty cool filmed graphics. I really like Jake Blauvelt's part, this kid has a smooth style and goes big. JP is always great and so is Devun. My only complaint? Where is Peter Line apart from the brief appearance in the opening sequence?

You can also save it and watch it when you're having breakfast before heading to the mountain to put you in the right mood. You can also stick it in your iPod (it's an iPod Video ready file) to watch on the road, I'll do the driving this year!

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