The Stash

No, I'm not talking about a mustache or the secret hidden pocket in your snowboard jacket, I'm talking about a new Northstar at Tahoe run. It's a mash-up between a back-country run and a snowpark. You'll find trees and jib features, jumps, road gaps, logs and even a ridable cabin that is a tribute to the late and great Craig Kelly. Everything is made of wood, even the chain sawed signs that are jibable. The whole thing was brought to life by Northstar and designed by Burton founder Jake Burton and the Burton Team. Seems like a fun place to go once snow covers it all...

It would be a good model to follow for many resorts as it looks even more fun than the typical snowpark. They could very well make one for advanced riders and another one with smaller features for those who are just starting to try to learn, for those who don't have a life insurance or for those who just prefer doing small fun things without stress. I love small bumps and humps where you can just hop, ollie and nollie like you would on a skateboard. Throw some logs to nose press on, hips to spin over and make it a non stop thing from top to bottom and I would never get tired of it. It could probably even get used as a freeride park for mountain bikers in the summer... OK, I finished my beer, I'm calling management at Bromont.

The entrance

A natural box/rail

A small jump for those who like to land in trees

See how high you can climb the tree with a board

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Lucidik said...

On laisse faire Bromont et on installe ça sur le Mont-Royal !


Sans blague.. très bonne idée ce concept!