More horsepower

One day after the new board, the new bindings came in today... and they are pimpin'! White, gold, horses, western style stitching and engraving... They even match my car quite well. I would have skipped the baby blue and pink accents but in the snow, I won't care at all.

The overall design is very well thought of and I particularly like the baseplate padding. You have normal EVA padding under the boot and on the disc cover but you also have two other clever paddings. The Smooth-Ride Landing Pads are very cushy and go through the alloy baseplates so your boot's sole are on padding linked directly to the board, providing great shock and vibration damping. The other padding is the Movement Rollbar, located under the binding and it extends on the sides to disperse shock and reduce vibrations. It reminds me of the old Cell Block III riser pads for skateboards back in the day, except that for these bindings, the padding is made of a softer foam like rubber.

I wasn't sure about the convertible toe strap before I got to see them up close. I spent the last two years on Burton Cap Straps and I couldn't bring myself to ride regular toe straps anymore... They are a thing of the past for a reason: pain in the toe and top-front of the foot. Cap straps are the best thing to happen to bindings in the last 15 years. The Ride convertible straps can be used as regular or cap straps. It consists of a relatively stiff plastic outer frame with a softer, strechy middle section so when it's capped, the strap really takes the boot shape so it should hold well and provide the superior comfort of cap straps. I'll see after a few hours of riding.

Another I will see after some riding time, I really hope the bolts stay put. My last pair of Ride bindings had the habit of losing bolts every few runs so I hope these will hold better.

Also, the bindings are very light, the buckles are sturdy and crank up fast and the bindings come with two sets of disc to fine tune the binding's position on the board.

Thanks again to Yanick and to Tyler at Ruins Boardshop. Their web site seems to be currently offline but they are at 124-4717 Lakelse Ave. in Terrace BC, 1466 3rd Ave. in Prince George BC, they recently opened a third shop somewhere else in BC and they can be reached toll free at 1.877.217.7007.

Now I'm really ready for the season: the bindings are mounted and adjusted, the board is tuned and waxed, the J-bars are installed in the boots...

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