BC back country

Every snowboarder dreams of going somewhere with powder deeper than you can ever find out and as far as the eye can see. No pain on landings, however smooth you land. Just carving becomes fun. Think about it, no chairlifts to be seen, nobody else other than you, your flask, some friends, the wind... and so much snow!

This dream may become reality for me this winter. A friend invited me for a week of back country riding in BC. Lots of snow, riding, hiking, jump building, riding, taking pictures and filming, more riding, snowmobiling, drinking, riding again... I may have trouble coming back.

To be continued...

Light blogspot design update

Looks better doesn't it? I was tired of the standard template look...


WWW picture of the week

John Jackson in Puffland.


More horsepower

One day after the new board, the new bindings came in today... and they are pimpin'! White, gold, horses, western style stitching and engraving... They even match my car quite well. I would have skipped the baby blue and pink accents but in the snow, I won't care at all.

The overall design is very well thought of and I particularly like the baseplate padding. You have normal EVA padding under the boot and on the disc cover but you also have two other clever paddings. The Smooth-Ride Landing Pads are very cushy and go through the alloy baseplates so your boot's sole are on padding linked directly to the board, providing great shock and vibration damping. The other padding is the Movement Rollbar, located under the binding and it extends on the sides to disperse shock and reduce vibrations. It reminds me of the old Cell Block III riser pads for skateboards back in the day, except that for these bindings, the padding is made of a softer foam like rubber.

I wasn't sure about the convertible toe strap before I got to see them up close. I spent the last two years on Burton Cap Straps and I couldn't bring myself to ride regular toe straps anymore... They are a thing of the past for a reason: pain in the toe and top-front of the foot. Cap straps are the best thing to happen to bindings in the last 15 years. The Ride convertible straps can be used as regular or cap straps. It consists of a relatively stiff plastic outer frame with a softer, strechy middle section so when it's capped, the strap really takes the boot shape so it should hold well and provide the superior comfort of cap straps. I'll see after a few hours of riding.

Another I will see after some riding time, I really hope the bolts stay put. My last pair of Ride bindings had the habit of losing bolts every few runs so I hope these will hold better.

Also, the bindings are very light, the buckles are sturdy and crank up fast and the bindings come with two sets of disc to fine tune the binding's position on the board.

Thanks again to Yanick and to Tyler at Ruins Boardshop. Their web site seems to be currently offline but they are at 124-4717 Lakelse Ave. in Terrace BC, 1466 3rd Ave. in Prince George BC, they recently opened a third shop somewhere else in BC and they can be reached toll free at 1.877.217.7007.

Now I'm really ready for the season: the bindings are mounted and adjusted, the board is tuned and waxed, the J-bars are installed in the boots...


Ride the wave

My new stick showed up. Take a look at the Magne-Traction sidecut with the yellow/orange/red sidewall. Impressive board, I can't wait to try it. I was less impressed by the quality of the graphics on the base. Looks like a blow-up of a low-res image so it's blurry. The Lib Tech logo on the base, on the other hand, is sharp and crisp... Seems like a poor graphic design job but who cares, I didn't choose the board for the graphics and I wont even see it when I ride.

Forum's That

Forum appeared on the snowboard scene ten years ago and immediatly had a huge impact on the snowboard world with it's impressive team. Peter Line did a great job of creating the team of all team with incedible riders such as JP Walker, Devun Walsh, Jeremy Jones, Joni Malmi, Bjorn Leines and others.

Fast forward 10 years. The team has changed and lost some big guns but Peter, JP, Devun and Joni are still there and they added such greats as Lauri Heiskari, Eddie Wall, Pat Moore and even more talents. The team is still an impressive one and arguably the best in the industry.

Forum hasn't produced a movie for a long time now but That will change That. How long will That be available for online watching, I'm not sure about That but watch That now, while you have That chance. Take off That ghetto-wannabe look off Travis Kennedy and you probably have the best snowboard movie of the year. That's right! Great riding, nice filming and pretty cool filmed graphics. I really like Jake Blauvelt's part, this kid has a smooth style and goes big. JP is always great and so is Devun. My only complaint? Where is Peter Line apart from the brief appearance in the opening sequence?

You can also save it and watch it when you're having breakfast before heading to the mountain to put you in the right mood. You can also stick it in your iPod (it's an iPod Video ready file) to watch on the road, I'll do the driving this year!



With the season's start excitement growing day by day, I got to repost these three amazing clips from my favorite snowboarders.

Travis Rice in Pop from Absinthe Films:

Hampus Mosesson in Afterlame by Robot Food:

JP Walker in Shakedown from Mack Dawg:

Tremblant & Jay Peak open friday

Friday, November 24th marks the start of the season at Mont Tremblant. Jay Peak will match the date and open friday too. Is your board waxed and tuned with your bindings mounted? Yes? Is it already leaning on the wall next to your door? Yes? Then it's a go!

Me... well, my board is still in the mail as I type this so I'm not sure to ride this coming week-end. I wouldn't go to Jay Peak anyway, the place is no fun unless there is deep pow in the woods. Tremblant... could be fun but instead, I'll probably be mounting the snow tires on my car, making sure the heating seats and mirrors are hot and make sure nothing will stop me from riding once I get the damn board. Soon, finally.


I spoke too soon

I was watching the news and saw that Bromont started the snow making machines. That will help me sleep tonight.

Where is the snow?

I got an email from my friend Yanick friday telling me my snowboard and bindings shipped. Good news. And yesterday, I went to pick up my winter tires for my car. Good news too, particularly for those who don't believe in my winter driving abilities.

Now, what's missing? The snow of course. It's nowhere to be seen in eastern Canada. Resorts did start making snow but then it got hot, it rained, most of what they had melted. But now, it's getting colder again and below are a few helicopter shots from Bromont. Not much snow I know but if temperatures stay low, there is hope.

Since we are a bunch waiting for Bromont to open for the season, you can now be in the know. At the top of the right column of this page, you can see the current temperature, how many runs are open (currently 0), how much snow fell in the last 24 hours (again, 0) and all this, right here! This feature will stay all winter long so you'll be able to prepare the right wax, when to call in sick and know when not to expect new posts just by visiting the Dan Gerous official blogspot. Be sure to bookmark it and visit it daily...

Ridable... but still on mountain bikes.

Just enough to make a few turns in the Brome but be ready to do massive ollies over rocks and grass patches.

The bottom is a sad sight.

On the other hand, Jay Peak, not too far away, are shooting like crazy as we speak.

Now I understand why the runs are always crappy/icy and the woods are heavenly at Jay Peak.


Bounce Le Gros V.13

After over a year of getting people packed into the microscopic Zoobizarre, Ghislain Poirier is now taking his famous Bounce Le Gros night for a 13th edition to a new, bigger venue: the Main Hall. Expect more beats and more place to bounce. Saturday November 25th, 10PM, 10$ at the door, be there.


WWW picture of the week

Magne Tool

While I'm in the Christmas gift theme, another suggestion is the Magne Tool by One Ball Jay. It's an edge sharpening tool designed to work with Lib Tech's Magne-Traction boards. It's smaller than a typical edge tool so it can be worked in the waves of the sidecut easily but it works on regular boards as well. But since Magne-Traction has so much more edge hold, you don't really have to sharpen the edges as often as on a standard edged board so you can probably wait until my birthday to give me one. Click the image for instructions.

Forum Snowdrives

With Christmas coming sooner than we care to think about, I found a gift suggestion for the snowboard and computer freaks: it's a USB flash drive that mimics Forum snowboards. The USB 2.0 boards are available in 512M, 1GB or 2GB capacities, in Eddie Wall or Recon models and come preloaded with That teaser and product catalogs... Full specs are found here.

Community Project

For those who haven't seen last year's Community Project movie, here are the teasers... I really love how the first half of the top one portrays the perfect day: wake-up, eat a nice breakfast, it's snowing, go to the mountain and just ride everywhere, then a beer. I would just add a few friends. The Japan section of the movie alone makes the movie worth watching.


Travis and his board

You heard it, the best board in the world! And what's even better: it's on it's way to me as we speak.

I got my Sub

I picked up my car today so... get the kids out of the streets!


Relaxe le gros, tonight!

I'll be there, Lucidik too. Our friends Ghislain Poirier and DJ Luv will be the entertainers. At the Zoobizarre in Montreal at 10PM.


The Stash

No, I'm not talking about a mustache or the secret hidden pocket in your snowboard jacket, I'm talking about a new Northstar at Tahoe run. It's a mash-up between a back-country run and a snowpark. You'll find trees and jib features, jumps, road gaps, logs and even a ridable cabin that is a tribute to the late and great Craig Kelly. Everything is made of wood, even the chain sawed signs that are jibable. The whole thing was brought to life by Northstar and designed by Burton founder Jake Burton and the Burton Team. Seems like a fun place to go once snow covers it all...

It would be a good model to follow for many resorts as it looks even more fun than the typical snowpark. They could very well make one for advanced riders and another one with smaller features for those who are just starting to try to learn, for those who don't have a life insurance or for those who just prefer doing small fun things without stress. I love small bumps and humps where you can just hop, ollie and nollie like you would on a skateboard. Throw some logs to nose press on, hips to spin over and make it a non stop thing from top to bottom and I would never get tired of it. It could probably even get used as a freeride park for mountain bikers in the summer... OK, I finished my beer, I'm calling management at Bromont.

The entrance

A natural box/rail

A small jump for those who like to land in trees

See how high you can climb the tree with a board

Hard at work

It's hard but, someone's got to do it. A friend/co-worker brought back some nice and good cans of Kirin beer from Japan. The best thing is, they are small so when you wrap your hand around it, your boss cannot see it. Or you can put the whole can in a coffee mug to make it look like you are drinking coffee. Haaa those practical japanese...

And yes, having Dell monitors on a G5 is sacreligious...

Damned east coast!

Or should I say Ice Coast?

Why can't we get west coast weather over here? Check the pictures taken November 13th at Mt. Baker, Washigton State. They got 53" over the week-end, Whistler has tons of snow too, Lake Louise and so on... Here it's raining, it's over 10°C and they are announcing close to 20°C this upcoming week-end.


I bought a car...

And it's a four wheel drive no less. Looks like I will change my working hours to finish the day earlier so I can hit the slopes at night more often this year!


WWW picture of the week

JP Walker finds a place to ride in Sweden while he waits for resorts to open. Cole Barash photo.


That video

Some footage from Forum Snowboard's That movie... just for you.


Snowboarding on your desktop

A few nice pictures stolen from TWSnow.com...
Credits and more coming up, some resizing might be needed for some screen sizes. Click to get the big pictures or right-click and save to your computer.


Icer Air 2006

A small jump for the now annual big air competition in San Fransisco. Last year it was in one of many steep San Fransisco street. The winner this year is none other than the Mr. T of the snowboard world, Travis Rice. And yes, it really is someone who fell in the net in the last picture.

And here is a short video of the event.


WWW picture of the week

Looks comfy right? Travis Rice takes a break, Zimmerman shoots.


I had a dream last night

I had a dream last night: I was riding in deep powder, flowing through trees... Wait, no, that really happened but unfortunatly, it was at Jay Peak... last spring.