My favorite snowboarders

Probably MY favorite snowboarder is Hampus Mosesson. Sure, most pro can pull every tricks he can too but few can do it with the style and smoothness of the shy swedish, and few can throw such nice shifties into standard tricks. If you have seen Robotfood's Afterlame movie, you know what I'm talking about... Here are some excerpts from Derelicta, which is nowhere as good as Afterlame.

With a much more aggressive style and being one of the few who are really pushing the limits of what we think can be done on a snowboard is none other than Travis Rice. He goes faster than most, he goes bigger than most and he pulls off tricks even other professionals didn't think was even possible.

And unlike some olympic winning kid who only rides in man-made snowparks, Travis is equally impressive in a snowpark, doing crazy things in the deep powder of Alaska, exploring the weird and very snowy Japan or doing double-backflips-late-180 on the world's biggest jump at the Gap Session. Travis is the blond with a beer suggesting a triple flip could have been done and rides with an all red jacket and brownish-black pants... German David Benedek organized that event and is, also, one of my favorites. He wears the blue jacket and blackish-brown pants. And like me, he is also involved in graphic design, broadcast and movie making. He works for Blank Paper Studio and is behind such beautiful films as Afterbang, Afterlame and 91 words for snow. Here is the Gap Session, where Benedek was the first ever to land a frontside 1260 double cork... wow!

I also need to mention Forum rider JP Walker. He still is one of the best and paved the way for what pro snowboarders do on handrails... and everywhere a snowboard can go.

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