Brouillawhat? Brouillamini!

If, like me and Lucidik, you cannot wait to strap your feet to your board and hop into the white season, there will soon be something else than the memorable nights at Bromont with the flask and the friends to look forward to. That's right, we are preparing something to help you wait until the season starts, for the car ride to the mountain, for setting the perfect mood while you lace your boots and wax your base or even something to help you perfectly time the spin of your first frontside 5. It's called Brouillamini and it's coming soon. Stay tuned...

1 comment:

Lucidik said...

Ouais l'ami !!!
on va faire la meilleure compil dispo pour jouer dans la neige !

Comme le dit si bien Martin Deschamps : Peace Regage Love !