Good Wood 2007 Winners

Out of the many hundreds of new boards this year, Transworld Snowboarding picked 3 Magne-Traction boards in the top 10 best boards in their annual Good Wood Awards and another in the Women's test. The Roxy Ally Magne-Traction, the Gnu Rider's Choice Magne-Traction, the Lib Tech TRS Magne-Traction and the Lib Tech Travis Rice Magne-Traction (my personal choice, for sizing matters mostly as the TRS and Rider's choice are terrific boards too). Not bad for a company that doesn't have the boards made in China and multi-million dollars marketing budgets.

I like to support companies that do things their own way, that don't do things just because it's trendy and trendy products sell more easily but because they deeply believe in what they do. Those companies are driving the innovations and make things progress faster... Then a big company copies them or buy them and it becomes an industry standard.

K2 bought Ride snowboards, Morrow snowboards, Pro-Flex mountain bikes and others and K2 bikes are now complete crap and killed the too-ahead-of-it's-time, too-weird-to-have-a-commercial-success Girvin forks. Burton bought Forum, Jeenyus (which they are killing), Foursquare and Special Blend, and now will release boards with a 2 bolts I-Lock mounting system. Many people thought Forum's I-Lock was a silly and crappy system but now that it's on Burton boards, will shout how great and genius it is.

Sadly, a while ago, Mervin Manufacturing (Lib Tech, Gnu, Roxy Snowboards and Bent Metal bindings), after creating such now-industry-standards like the deep sidecuts (on every snowboards and parabolic skis now), inserts (on every snowboards), twin-tip boards and so on, has been bought by a big player: Quicksilver. Happily, they just let them do their things and so far so good. So, how long before we see Magne-Traction on every boards?

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