Ed Banger Records party: Crazy!

If you missed that show, you really missed something. It was one of the best shows I have seen in quite a long time: everybody having fun, heads were banging, asses were shaking, feet were tapping. Ed Banger Records have a lot of artists with truly current sounds. Their entourage also have some heavy names such as Mr. Oizo, Daft Punk, Dimitri from Paris, Cassius... A lot of noisy, scratchy, dirty beats and bass, you just cannot stay still while you listen to Feadz (part of Mr. Oizo), DJ Mehdi, the label boss Busy P, Sebastian, Uffie... Our own Ghislain Poirier was also playing as were Ellen Allien and Apparat, surprise guests such as Tekilatex and Para One came and added to the fun... Crazy I tell ya! Here are a few crappy cell phone pictures from last night...

DJ Mehdi with Tekilatex in the background, moments before he went berserk... as he usually does.


Uffie on Mehdi's shoulders:

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Marc said...

Yup.. c'était un méchant bon party !
J'ai commencé à danser à 23h30 et hop... pas arrêté avant 3h.

bonne zik, bon entourage, bon vibe !