Bromont 06/07

Once again this coming winter, I will be riding mostly at Bromont. They do wonders keeping the snow conditions great even when mother nature is not too nice to us. I already bought my 'presque tout le temps' season's pass boys so I'm ready... almost.

I don't even have my board yet but it will be here on time. This year I will be riding a Lib Tech Travis Rice 157 with the crazy Magne-Traction sidecut so I can ride even when it's super icy.

Why do I picked Lib Tech this year? Well, they still make the boards by hand themselves, they have almost been the innovator of every aspect of the snowboard as we know it today and continue to push the boundaries with Magne-Traction and other crazy ideas that might not seem so crazy in the future... Just take a look at that, these are snowboards!

For those who don't know what Magne-Traction is, it's a wavy sidecut that looks a bit like rippled french fries that, when friends complain about icy conditions, makes you reply: "What ice?":

After a not so good experience with the crappy Ride LX bindings a few years ago (they hurt my feet, bolts loosened every few minutes and they had fluorescent yellow on them), I will come back to Ride with their new much higher end Alpha Movements bindings: they are light, not too stiff and they have a horse on the disc covers, what else does a guy need?

Of course, like always, I'm not paying full price for all these things. I usually find good deals or buy 'last year's stuff' just before the new products hit the showrooms but this year, I will get these brand new for 2007, yet unreleased products for a very good 'undisclosed/none-of-your-buisness' price. Thanks to Yanick for hooking me up with his boys from the Ruins Board Shop way north in Terrace BC...

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