2007 Cannondales are up!

Many people already saw most of the Cannondale 07 lineup but it's now up on their website. Carbon is the new thing this year with a carbon Rush and hardtail to follow the industry trends. The Scalpel remains unchanged and we will not see a Six-13 Scalpel frame like the ones used by their pro racers. The numbering of the models also changed: from high to low end, you now have Team Replicas, then 1, 2, 3 and so on, highest numbers being the cheapest of their range. So the Prophet 2000 I have is now known as the Prophet 2. There are some very nice colorways like the all black Taurine or Judge 1, black and silver Rush Carbon but sadly, the venerable Scalpel line has never been so ugly...

Also online is the new Lefty and Headshok range. The new Lefty Speed Carbon SL is one of the lightest fork in the world and with the new one piece stem/steerer, it's even stiffer than before.

Enjoy but don't sell your kids to afford them. Here are the most striking new bikes:

The Rush Carbon endurance XC bike is made in asia but lighter and stiffer than the alloy Rush.

The Taurine Carbon racing hardtail... Do I smell a sub 20lbs mountain bike? Sure seems effective, Sweden's Fredrik Kessiakoff already has won a bronze medal aboard that bike at the recent World Championships in Rotura, New Zealand.

The PERPetrator line is intended for Freeride duties and will probably make us all forget the Gemini. The rear suspension features a swinglink like the DH Judge line, adding a lot of lateral stiffness and control to the suspension feel. Travel is adjustable: 180mm or 200mm.

The Caffeine 29 is, you guessed it, Cannondale's first 29" wheeled mountain bike. I was expecting a Caffeine 29 1FG but for now, only a geared bike is available.

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